Dr Billie Lister

Senior Lecturer in Criminology, Leeds Beckett University

I am currently Level 4 Year Lead – meaning I am responsible for the academic wellbeing of Undergraduate students in their first year of study.

I’m also the module leader of the course ‘Being a Criminologist’, which gives Level 4 students (First Year Undergraduates) all the basics of what they need to become social scientists, such as critical thinking skills, advice on good ethical practice, essential study skills and much more. In addition, I also supervise a number of Undergraduate and Masters dissertations, and am module leader for the MSc course ‘Understanding the Sex Industry’.

In addition, I supervise Undergraduate, Masters and Ph.D dissertations.

Research wise, my interests include; poverty and social exclusion, illicit labour markets – specifically, the commercial sex industries, body modification (tattoos) and stigmatisation. I am especially interested in the motivators behind the cash in hand economy and the various ways people innovate in order to obtain access to quick income.

My previous work has looked at changing labour markets within the illicit economy on sex workers lived experiences, policy changes in relation to street based sex work and the impact of welfare benefit reform in Scotland.

I currently volunteer with Genesis, an organisation based in Leeds, England who deliver services to people involved in the sex industry. At the moment, I’m currently in the process of writing an article for the Policy and Politics journal, which will be delivered at the forthcoming Policy and Politics conference, due to be held in Bristol in September 2015. I’ve just published two book reviews for the British Journal of Criminology, concentrating on the sex industry.

I’m always happy to hear from people who would like to collaborate in some way, so please drop me a line or follow me on Twitter.

More informally, my other interests are Hello Kitty, sushi and all things Japanese! 😉


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