My podcast on Viva Survivors

I’ve just had a podcast published on Viva Survivors. Dr. Nathan Ryder set the Viva Survivors website a year ago as a resource to help people who were preparing for their viva, on what should expect on the day, which is probably one of the most nerve wracking...

Let’s share links!

A quick, not too exciting blog post today – I’m looking to swap links with the owners of blogs which deal with the following topics; Ph.D life, Sociology/Criminology/Social Policy, Qualitative Research, Early career researcher issues for those who are...

The Student Sex Work Project

I’m really pleased to be working with Debbie Jones, Dr. Jacky Tyrie and Dr. Tracy Sagar on The Student Sex Work Project – the website can be found here at I’m covering Joanne Bowring’s maternity period and...

A much needed update!

The eagle eyed amongst you will have noticed I haven’t posted on the blog for nearly two years, so here’s an update of what I’ve been up to. I spent 2012 working on an ESRC funded project ‘Sexualisation, nuisance and safety : sexual...
Dr Billie Lister

Dr Billie Lister


I am a sociology teacher and researcher based in Birmingham, UK.
My previous work has addressed some of the commercial sex industries in the UK, namely street based prostitution and lap-dancing.
I am currently involved in a study investigating the impacts of welfare benefit reform in Scotland.